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07-15-1999, 07:12 PM
I am selling my ECLIPSE 5341R because I got a new vehcile.<p>I have had this 5341R since 3/1/99 but I didn't have it installed until 3/23/99 and I took it out of my car on 7/12/99 so it has a few months use on it. It is in perfect condition with not a single scratch on it, I still have the original box, wiring harness, all paperwork (even the 2 little ESN on-guard stickers) and everything. This thing sound sweet it even says Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening, and Good Bye ! it has one of the best displays going because no matter what kind of sunlight it is still totally visible it also has controls for a CD Changer. I paid $369.94 (counting sales tax) for the unit. I would like to sell it for $265 I will pay the shipping. I also may trade it just let me know what ya got. Mainly interested only in trading for new stuff (Speakers, amps, Etc) If your interested then please e-mail me:

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