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Mike Barrett
07-19-1999, 10:58 AM
More electrical problems for me, on my 88 635. The battery keeps dying, and I can't get it to stay charged with the car's charging system. I've noticed some other things that have me perplexed. First, there is an apparent current drain. When I remove the negative cable from the battery and connect the DVM between the negative post and ground, I get a ~12.02 volt reading; however, I have removed every fuse, and while a few of them will cause the reading to drop to under 12 volts, the reading never drops below 11. What unfused item could be causing this? Second, and possibly related - when I turn on the AC, the load on the system is sufficiently high that the headlights/interior lights visibly dim. Finally, checking the volatge reading across the battery terminals with the car running reveals only 13.2 volts unloaded (Bentley suggests should be 13.5 or more), which drops to under 12 when loaded (AC,defroster,radio on). The Bentley manual suggests that this indicates an alternator problem, versus the voltage regulator. Is this correct? I don't want to spring for the alternator only to find that replacing the voltage regulator would have done the trick, or even something else altogether.<p>Thanks, <p>Mike Barrett<br>BMW CCA 111632<br>88 635CSi

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