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08-09-1999, 07:12 AM
As many of you that still roll on the stock 16's are aware (I have a '95 840ci with them), 235/50 WR 16 is not a standard size in the US anymore. Is it better to go<br>with 245/45, 245/50, 225/50 or<br>225/55 as a substitute? <p>I'm looking for maximum dry/wet summer performance. [My tire dealer says that the 225/55s are the way to go but I am worried about body roll. The 235/50s<br>work fine so I'm thinking the 245/45s should give even more performance. By the way, the standard wheels are 7.5J x 16 and all of the above sizes should fit<br>comfortably on that rim. I have a set of 4 snows so winter traction with these tires is not a concern for me.] <p>Since the stock Conti Sport CZ90's make quite a roar, I was hoping to go with the Bridgestone Pole Position S-02s or the Yoko AVS Sports in 245/45 ZR 16<br>size. <p>Other maximum performance tire recommendations/size advice is most welcome. Anyone had luck with Goodyear Eagle F1 Steel or BF Goodrich Comp TA ZRs?<p>Thanks in advance, <br>Gregg

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