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03-05-2008, 03:34 PM
There is a great place in Long Beach, Ca. Beach City Motorsports if you are in So. Cal that cariies and installs the new MoBridge Ipod & Bluetooth module. As you guys know MoBridge is really the only quality piece for the Mercedes vehicles. I had my C done at Beach City Motorsports and it was flawless. I know that the new Ipod Bluetooth module right now is not fully onto the market till April they have a huge backorder! I researched all the different brands and as you can ask any other Porsche or Mercedes owner this is the best of the best! These guys have a great little shop super clean and friendly and wont kill you on the pricing. The install takes about 5-6 hours so dont plan on waiting for it. I give these guys two huge thumbs up so if you are looking for this MoBrodge piece give them a call or they actually have a great site! hope this info helped I researched for months and MoBridge module was the only one that everyone and myself was the quality and worked how its suppose to!

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