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03-28-2008, 08:11 AM
Drove the brand new liquid silver XF home from the dealer on monday evening and parked it in the garage as it was late. Got up excited Tuesday to run a few errands and have fun driving my new 2009 XF I have had a deposit on for several months. Drove out of the garage a few miles and made my first stop at a Walgreens. After a few minutes inside I came back to the car to drive away but strangely the gear selector would not rise from the console so I could not take the car out of park. After many attempts to start/stop, leave the car lock and return to it and many other types of attempts I called my dealer. The salesman and service dept agreed the car had to be towed back to the dealership and told me the proceedure is to call Jaguar's 800 roadside assistance. The phone call took 30 minutes with all the menu's and finally I was told I would get an automated phone call back. I asked that I be called back not wait for an automated advisory. Twenty minutes later I got a call from "Tony" who apologized that there would be a 2 hour wait. Several more calls back to the dealer who finally said they would send one of their tow trucks. 45 minutes later a tow truck shows up and when I object to the truck since it was not a flatbed and the Jaguar roadside assistance said they ONLY send flatbeds for Jaguar's the tow truck driver calls the dealer who advises me that since the XF is locked in 'park' it must have the rear lifted up and towed on its front wheels. Later I find out that the service dept didnt know that there was a way to release the transmission into neutral so the car could have been flatbedded. ANYWAY, its now Friday morning and after two days in the shop. They still dont have a CLUE what is wrong. There were other problems I didnt mention such as a 'brake failure' light that came on. I am furious, disappointed and feel misled and deceived by the flatbed issue. With 11 miles on the odometer and 2 days in the shop I dont even want this vehicle anymore. I am going to fight with the dealer today and insist they give me another XF. They can fix this car and use it as a demonstrator for all I care. I feel this car is a lemon and jinxed. I have been excited for this car since I read about it in the trade magazines. WHAT A COMPLETE TOTAL DISAPPOINTMENT

03-28-2008, 11:47 AM
Did your dealer not explain the car to you?
When I got my XF three weeks ago my dealer explained everything to me, we also drove for 15 minutes and one of the first things he showed to me was what to do with a none working drive selector.
(Open the cupholder before the armrest and pull the belt)
It`s shocking that even the service department didn`t know what to do.
Good luck with your XF and let us know how they fix it.

04-03-2008, 04:54 PM
Luckily I have had no issues with my XF but I asked my dealer about your problem. He contacted the factory rep. and this was their answer- In the case like you had of Drive selector not rising, you apply pressure to the top of the knob and while pressing down, turn the knob to the desired position. He said the instructions from the post by xowner (removing cup holder and pulling up on a belt), was to release the Electronic Parking Brake in the event of EPB malfunction.
But, all this was too late for you but now we know.

05-17-2008, 03:53 PM
Problem solved as follows: Nobody at the dealership, Warren Henry Jaguar in North Miami Beach, Florida knew anything about the problem at the time or within a day or two of the occurance nor were they aware of the now understood methods of releasing the gear selector knob or at a minimum the way to manually disengage the transmission from 'park' permitting a flat-bed tow to the dealership as opposed to the 'hoist the rear and drag' which was, at the time, the only way of removing the one day old XF from the Walgreen's parking lot.
Now for the solution to the problem: My very helpful and accomodating salesman with the sales manager and the dealership told me to come to their dealership and drive away with any similar XF on their lot!!
I did and I drove away the next day with a slightly different color brand-new XF which to me was a much better color choice as the liquid silver I initially ordered was disappointingly a shade lighter than I had expected or wanted. The car has operated perfectly in the past two months and I remain totally pleased with the car and the handling of the problem by the dealership. I could not possibly have asked for more.

05-20-2008, 10:00 PM now that's a story to be told. This dealer knows about customer service...I am sure he has developed a long term customer with their actions.

All the best with the new XF!

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