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04-12-2008, 11:51 AM
Jaguar of Novi, and Troy Mi are hosting a wine tasting event at Rock Financal in Novi.

Very nice event going on to 10pm tonight if anyone is in the area. $50 tickets but more wine than any human can drink, good food and a bunch of other high end stuff to taste. A Russian 5 Red Wing is down there also hawking his wine.

Still so many people that have never seen or heard of a XF. Funny, I'm so used to them I see them everyday. People where still getting the price wrong, thinking it was $70k starting...

The XF's are selling great with the Super XF's about to be pre sold out for the year. We have only about 10 left coming in without names attached.

I can't understand why Jaguar is keeping the production of the Super XF so low.

Anyway, another fun party in Michigan for Jaguar lovers.

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