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08-17-2008, 10:16 PM
Gents another scam:

One reply for my ad was from a "Richard Long." This person is obviously a scam artist, and if he is a member of the forum, I highly recommend ejection. This is one of those scams where you cash a check made out for a higher value than the item being sold using your personal credit. In actuality, it is really a bad check and, after you've already sent the money to the "buyer," you get hunted down by the agency who cashed the check for its value. Since this is a well-veiled attempt in this fraud, I recommend some sort of message to forum users to caution them about such schemes when they post an ad. For a second, even I thought it was legit. I would hate to see a fellow enthusiast fall for something like this. Keep on Truckin, Glenn

--- On Wed, 8/13/08, Richard Long <> wrote:

From: Richard Long <>
Subject: payment
Date: Wednesday, August 13, 2008, 2:37 PM

Hello ,
Thanks for your reply . After your mail I got in touch with my client on the details of your reply to our enquiry on the vehicle's condition at the AD and evaluation of your ad it is satifactory to him.
He really commended your vehicle from its features in the advert and has instructed me to carry on with the sales at the price of $3500 without negotiating further,since the vehicle is still for sale and in good condition as described by the advert.
I am therefore happy to tell you that I have concluded w ith my client and he has instructed me to carry on with the transaction, He said I should let you know that payment will get to you in a cashiers check of $9,500 which is a refund payment of a cancelled order earlier made by him.
Due to companys policy this payment has to be made out in this amount to you ,because company policy only allows a refund payment on one cashiers check,this amount is expected to in part cover both the shipping and any other expences that might accrue in the course of this transaction ,so you are required to deduct the cost of your vehicle which is $3500 when payment gets to you and refund balance which is $6000 to my client's shipper,who will come for inspection/pickup for him to be able to offset shipping & tax charges, and other cosmetic repair costs.
After payment has reached you and balance sent to shipper, the shipper's agent will come for inspection, pick up
(of vehicle & signing of title papers).
Confirm this and forward your....



For payment to be made out to you as soon as possible.
All oth er information needed in completion of this transaction will be given to you in due course.
Your honesty, understanding and co-operation will be highly appreciated. ,


Mr richard

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