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09-01-2008, 07:42 PM

Need your valuable assistance. I don't know much about car. I have a 3 years old 320D. Went to garage to do the oil service. after that, I was told the Front Wishbone Bushes need to be replaced. so, I went to a nearby BMW shop brought a pair of the "bushes". It took quite a while this guy tapped and banged the first "Wishbone Bush" off, I saw that "wishbone arm" could changed its shape as he banged heavily. then I found the old "Bush" is fairly new. I asked him, "is it really needed to replace it?" his face looks suspicious. He said "yes", and then changed the second "bush". by the end, I keeped asked him, "is it necessary ?" he then told to pay half of price that he originally asked for labour cost, it made me even more confused and worrying - I worry that he banged the "wishbone arm" so hard, what happened if it changed its shape?

my question is "is it save for me to drive this car now?"

Many thanks.


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