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11-11-2008, 11:57 PM
That is worth to file for the archives, here is my collection of Q&A:

My car developed a weird door lock issue. When I lock the door, it locks and then it unlocks. If I lock again, it locks fine the second time. It does this with remote or from the door. I already tried disconnecting the battery (thinking maybe it will reset something) but still the same issue. Any idea what it might be?
RICK BMW 1995 525i (Alpine White)
I had the same with my driverdoor, I changed the actuator and it went away!
Thanks... Since all doors lock and unlock at the same time, what's is the easiest way to determine which door actuator it is? Or do I need to take each door panel off and disconnect the actuator one at a time and test?
It can also be the trunk lock. I suppose even the hood lock. What the system is telling you by unlocking like that is that one part of the locking system isn't locking.

Try locking everything and then try opening things until you find out what's not locked. Might very well be the trunk since you had your trunk harness wires break. Might be more damage that you didn't notice back there.
Carefully watch the door locking pins, the one that doesn't work will not go down, it happens quickly so watch closely.

I would press the button, then it would chirp and try to lock, then pop up again upon another chirp almost instantly....mine was the passenger door actuator and it was about $75 from BMA.

The front door panels are just a little more complicated than the rears. Removal is documented throughout the web and there is even a panel removal procedure on Bruno's site which has migrated over to Wikipedia.

Once the panel is removed, it takes a little fiddeling to get the actuator out and back in place, at least it did me. I tested it to make sure everything worked before putting it all together, even set the alarm off a couple of times. =) It helps to have a telescoping mirror and good focused lighting that doesn't blind the installer. Pay close attention to how the old actuator is mounted and the routing of cables involved.

It took me a couple of hours, start to finish. Don't be in a hurry and don't allow yourself to be disturbed, and everything will go just fine. Hope you find it easily. JR
Thanks. But it does lock all doors and trunk or unlock. I think the problem is the trunk. Maybe that wire harness issues for the trunk has created this problem. I manually locked the trunk with the key and tried locking and unlocking with the remote and it started go crazy. It will lock and unlock three time now if I leave the truck key position to lock.

Weird Door Lock Issue - Part 2

I posted week ago regarding weird door lock issue.
When I lock the door, it locks and then it unlocks. If I lock again, it locks fine the second time. I was told by BMW mechanic that you need to change your battery in your remote. I thought that was bit strange. Then he told me if I can enable the alarm from remote. So I tried to arming the alarm from remote and it won't. Apparently, if the battery is weak in the remote, it will cause your door to lock and then unlock to notify you that you need to change the battery in your remote! And at the same time, it will not arm your alarm if battery is low. Wow! This is news to me. I changed the battery in my remote and my door locks perfectly! Those German engineers think of everything!

BMW 1995 525i (Alpine White)
Original thread:

Shogun's E32 Tech Tips:

11-12-2008, 11:33 PM
trunk wire harness. The white wire was broken.

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