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11-16-2008, 04:34 AM
I bought U.S. spec 1995 Mercedes C280 with 27,583 miles in Japan, and then moved to Florida. Three months into drive, I was coming to a stop, when a small amount of white smoke came from the front left of the car. This was after being in a traffic jam for an hour. I smell of burnt rubber from that same area. The smoke happened only once. But the smell of burnt rubber happened four times with in 3 weeks. Once again a month later on a 20 minute drive to work smoke came from the front left side again. I was told by a technician that the head gasket needs to be replaced, and would cost $1700. Can anyone tell me what other things could cause this and? I find crazy and unbelievable. The car has low original miles, is not driven hard, no oil leaks that I could find.

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