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12-05-2008, 03:01 AM
The pop up lock, not the handle and only when's it cold out. Additionally my window (same side) has a mind of its own and like to go all the way up when commanded to and then drop back down. It will oscillate like that a few times. Think the problems are related? And, yes this door has been taken apart by BMW years ago to fix some window problems.


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12-05-2008, 03:16 PM
I'd wonder about the connector being loose. If it isn't, then 2 problems, locking and window, but the lock may be one of two things.

If it is only and always just this one lock actuator, then the actuator is likely bad, but do a search on E46 - oh hell, here:
You may want to wait and see if it is this problem (flaky, other door affected, etc).
Window: On E36 (and probably E46) there is a way to "re-train" the window for proper up position, resistance, etc. HOWEVER, in my opinion, you probably need to take he door panel off, inspect the winder mechanism (called regulator) AND the pieces that ride in the channel. Ensure none are broken, replace as needed. And either way, clean the channel (I'd spray wd40 - or maybe better would be tv tuner spray because it evaporates faster), then lube the channel and pieces that ride in them with teflon grease. I'd bet if you do this, the window won't need retraining because the extra resistance will be gone.

Problem is, door panel has to come off even to check the connector. get a few of the platic door clips from the dealer, and a plastic door/interior panel pry set (Autozone/cheap) - you'll probably break a few clips removing the panel, may as well get those now. And depending on where your dealer is, I'd get 4 of the window channel glide pieces too just so I'd be ready. They're not cheap for what they are if like the E46, but not worth another trip to the dealer for me.

Good luck

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