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05-28-2009, 09:30 AM
perhaps my comment was not answered because I came across as being a bit of a joker or an arrogant character. I apologize to all you learned fellow MB lovers, your forum has helped my diagnose and appreciate my W140 more.

I also apologize for not explaining my situation and introducing myself as soon as I registered and posted. I bought a 93 500S w140 in black with 19" Official MB Alloys. To tell you the truth I have completely fallen in love with it, by far the best buy I have ever done (cost me 4,000).

Sadly I have issues with its running costs. The gasoline I can live with, it is worth running that engine.... the kickdown is orgasmic (excuse the terminology).

The problem is I replaced the Belt tensioner and belt which cost me 400 quid and I can see a range of problems coming up, the clock is jammed at 200,000KMS and I have no idea of when it jammed.

I have decided to keep it and take all the set backs on the chin because I love the car and driving it. Up in my 500 benz burnin` rubber!!
ladieeess my merceydeeeesss

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