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05-28-2009, 01:40 PM
I got into an accident in MA. I am a RI driver and they are a NY driver. No police report was filed and no claim has been filed. The person who owns the car was not driving. Her daughter's boyfriend or male friend was. The other car (PT Cruiser) has little scratches on the bumper. My car (Toyota Celica) has a little more damage, scratches and a dent. I felt nothing was being reported or claimed due to the minor damage to avoid the altercation being put on our records and increasing our insurance premiums. Now the girl's mother is calling me saying she is going to call me with estimates so I can pay for the damages to avoid a claim being filed. In my perception, the accident was not my fault and I just wanted to avoid this hassle. How should I handle this situation? What can she really say after not filing a police report and not calling in a claim until over a week after the accident. She also called my insurance company already to inquire if I made a claim and then hung up without making a claim the day after the accident.

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