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06-22-2009, 03:13 PM
About 24 hours ago I was involved in a NY state accident on the highway. Minor damages (Iím missing my driverís side rear view mirror, plus a minor dent, and the other car has a dent across the passenger side). It was a no fault accident, but I canít afford the increase in premiums (Iím in the process of selling my car because I canít afford my rate!). Iím trying to handle this out-of-pocket, but in case the other party refuses to co-operate, and I have to contact my insurance company, when can I expect an increase in premiums? Will that happen right away, or at the renewal date? If I wish not to file a claim on my own vehicle (I plan to fix it myself), but the other party files a claim, will my premiums still go up? Also, if these questions are really specific to my insurance company (Travelers), who can I speak to about the answers, without necessarily reporting the accident to my provider?

Any help would be so GREATLY appreciated.

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