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08-18-2009, 11:38 PM
hey Guys,
I am getting a good deal on an 06 BMW 750LI which has originally 29000 miles on it. Car was originally owned by someone in Beverlyhills CA for 3 yrs and at 25000 miles they were having some problem with gears so they Lemoned it. Company fixed it and sold it thru auction to dealer of my town. No dealer is giving me this cas for 35K. car has company warranty for 21000miles and 6 months remaining on it. I am planning on buying extended bumper to bumper mile warranty on it as well. Can some ont tell me how much risk I am taking by buying a LEMON buyback car which was fixed by company. Does anyone know about a good rliable company who sells bumper to bumper coverage for BMW. Let me know plz

08-31-2009, 04:54 AM
If you buy that Bimmer, you'll probably face a ton of BS problems that seem so ridiculous. A warranty is actually a service contract, and most of them have an exclusion for lemoned and/ salvaged vehicles. By the way, my bimmer is the worst car I've ever had -- compared to Toyota, Honda, Mazda, Volvo, Saab -- it's THE WORST. And BMW advisors are trained to look you dead in the eye and talk about a transmission replacement as if it were bar-talk and from my experience, it won't be fixed correctly the first time -- in four years of owning mine, 3 dealerships and one BMW indie have constantly f'd up thousands of dollars of service work repeatedly.

Also, the 08 128i convertible w/ 14k miles "courtesy" vehicle I requested this time around rattles over even slightly uneven pavement and the passenger door handle just snapped tonight when a friend was trying to get out of the car.

BMW is junk -- BIG MONEY WASTERS. Oh in short my answer is NO.

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