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10-04-2009, 11:44 AM
Anyone have any ideas? I was bored today and took my GT out to get some Vbox runs.. Its really the first time I mashed it to try and get a 1/4 mile time.. Before I simply did some 0-60 times and seemed ok to me..Push comes to shove my BEST time was a 13.5@100.8 mph... The majority of the runs it ran UNDER 100mph... I know its not me as I tried the car in every mode possible.. SPORT... DRIVE... and shifting myself ( useless as it still shifts by itself) and all the runs were virtyually identical...

Seems as though the car gets going then falls on its face posting a best of 13.3 to 100mph...

As a side note last week we tested Alexs 750IL which gets killed by the Bentley in every test and we got a best of 13.9@103mph with 3 people in the car!

I get the car off the line good with a 1.8 60ft time... and then the car does all the work and falls on its face... Pissing me off..

I wanted to get numbers to compare before and after I get the mods done..

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