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11-17-2009, 08:45 PM
its happening for a while now. BMW dealer has replaced several modules and uploaded several new software's, no fix.

it would go for a while then at about 3/4 throttle it would bug down, and go into limp mode. The turbo's are not working obviously and therefore the car is extremely slow.
After it cools down and sits for a day or two it might works fine again, but still out of a blue it would stop feeding the turbo's.

Truck has 6k miles and one of the early cars. took delivery in december of 2008

any idea what can be the trouble ? I have not found much on this engine, fairly new and something of a novelty item yet.

all other function works and when it is running it is fast and smooth. no mechanical failure, it must be software or sensor imho.

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