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01-10-2010, 03:37 PM
I recently started a car club on Facebook called Mercedes SL Car club. This club is for all SL owners , as well as their friends and family.

The purpose of the club is the following:

1. Share information about SL's.
2. Post SL's for sale and SL's desired to purchase.
3. Organize meetings and cruises.
4. Attend local Car Shows.
5. Post information about Car Shows, Cruise nights and events.
6. Post pictures and videos of your cars.

If you have any interest in joining this club, you can log on to Facebook, search for the club name(Mercedes SL Car club), and select join. If you are not a Facebook user, just send me an e-mail to join the club. If you have any questions, or problems with Facebook, please contact me.

Bob Dolce Mercedes SL Car club on Facebook.

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