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12-01-2010, 04:34 AM
Does anyone know if the new navigation HDD (hard disc drive), fitted to the New XJ (and soon to the rest of the model range) that contains the navigation mapping, can be reprogrammed to take other mapping not contained on the drive? For example a USA version contains only US / Canadian maps.
If I want to use the vehicle in Europe, how do you load the maps. The EU system has mapping for westen Europe and additionaly mapping for Russia and South Africa, which can be activated by the dealer, on payment of the relevant fee!

Easy with the former DVD drive system, just insert the relevant disc. Even though Jaguar stated the formating of the US / European systems was different / incompatible, this was bul****,they worked perfectly. Jaguar USA and Jaguar UK have no answers!

One of the main reasons for this new system, is to protect copyright and the illegal sale of Navtech discs. Can anyone help?

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