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06-06-2011, 08:59 AM
hi all can someone help,i have a insurance policy with a well established company,2weeks ago i changed my car so needed to inform my insurance company,upon looking at my documents i noticed that the insurance company had put me down as having convictions?? i dont have any convictions at all,so i rang them to explain that i didnt have any. the woman on the other end of the phone said to me.(sarcastically).WE KNOW YOU DONT HAVE ANY i said well are you going to get it removed from my policy,the woman said i dont have anything to worry about. now my insurance is a little high. im 43 and drive a fiat bravo 1.8hlx on a v-reg. ive had 2 accidents over 3 years,none was my fault. ive never been charged with anything criminal. could the insurance company be having my eyes out. also with convictions being on my policy would i be breaking the law. i must stress that i got my insurance through an agent of the company itself. any help would be gratefull,could you please email corrospondence. i dont want to be paying more than i should.i cant get to net often so will check mail on my phone. thanks for looking.

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