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06-21-2011, 12:38 PM
I have 2011 535 and I think it is the best car i have ever had ( I have had 3 BMWs and driven them for over 20 years.) A few months ago there was a slight smudge on the GPS screen and i tried to wipe it off with a soft wet tissue. To my surprise after a few rubs I noticed the screen developed a permanent scratch. I couldn't believe it, I had barely touched it and the display had a part of its coating removed. Now i have 2 dime sized marks that are permanent on the left side of the screen. At night they don't show because it is backlit but during the day I can't take my eyes off them it is so upsetting. I went to the dealer and complained , he said that I should not have cleaned the display. I said how gently I had touched it, but they refused to repair it. I said if this display is so touchy why isn't it covered with glass or some other protective material. Or why isn't there a warning? This is a major annoyance to me on another wise beautiful car. Now I have permanent damage? I am very angry. The glass that is on the speedometer is totally different and does not have such problems. I recently wrote to BMW to complain and am waiting for a response from them.

Last week I had a flat o the Run Flat Rites, I went to the dealer and was told the tire couldn't be fixed and that I would have to buy a new tire . I was shocked on a tie with 4000 miles on it and no spare. I had no choice and had to buy a new tire from them because no one else carries them for $376. So it seems every time these tires have a flat i will have to buy new tire? Does this make sense? What is the benefit of them in the long run? They would not even prorate the price of the tire. So now I have no spare and feel very nervous driving without one, with a tire that can't be fixed if I am on a road trip away from a BMW dealer who only carry these tires.

Can someone console me? These are 2 occurrences that I feel were unfair, unjust, and plain errors in BMW's engineering.

06-21-2011, 04:45 PM
I don't have any advice for you w/regards to your Nav screen. I'm sorry to hear about the damage. W/regards to the tires a lot of folks take off the run-flats and go w/conventional tires. You can search the forum and find that it's a fairly common solution. Also try asking in our forum. The moderator is a BMW owner so he may be able to shed some additional light on the current state of run-flats.

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