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12-28-2011, 01:41 PM
Hello All,

I am in something of a unique mess. My car was involved in an incident in June 2010 or so. I was not present during the incident; it was my sister's friend who was driving. Indeed, I did not even give my permission for my car to be taken.

Unexpectedly, sometime around July/August, I got a letter from my insurance company asking about an incident on the 4th of June. At this point, I was not even aware that my car had been 'borrowed' or that there had been an incident. It took me completely by surprise and initially, I denied any involvement. But on second thought, I asked my sister and she told me about the incident. She described it as minor to say the least. Her friend Katie had been trying to reverse out of a parking spot when she hit the car behind her. There was no problem, no one was injured and neither car was damaged according to my sister. So I quickly relayed this information to my insurance company.

They replied later on asking for the details of the driver. I gave them her name (Katie - my sister's friend) but I didn't have any other details as she has relocated to South Africa. I also described the incident as it had been described to me. And I emphasized that she had taken the car without my permission and that I was not accepting liability for the incident.

They just got back to me today saying that they had paid out a whooping 14,000 pounds to the claimant and they are now chasing me for that money! I can't believe this is happening. As I said, I was not present during the incident, the driver at the time is not named on my policy and did not have the car with my permission. Also, all that I have been told about the incident makes a claim of 14k quite large because no one was hurt and neither car was damaged!!!

Has anyone ever encountered a similar problem? What do you think I should do?

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