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08-05-2012, 11:01 AM
I purchased this 60K mile STS about 2 months ago. The first problem was the drivers side automagtic door lock. More often than not, I had to use the key to get into the drivers seat. ALL other doors unlocked as they should, with the keyy fob. Right after that incident started to happen, the auto lights came on (connstantly), no matter how much sun light that there! When the lights are on, then the passenger side parking light appeared to be burned out! A Cadillac dealer informed me that the entire bumped had to be taken off to get to the light! After the door lock was replaced, then the automatic light sensor workede properly, WITH the parking light also working (FOR AWHILE!). 2-3 days later, the lights are on all the time again, with the parking/running light NOT WORKING again! Has ANYONE had the same experience? What was accomplished to make the system work properly? I have another Cadillac dealership about 40 miles away, should I take it to them? I do have the extended warranty. ANY comments would be helpful. Thankx. Tom.

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