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01-04-2014, 09:48 AM
Earlier known as the commercial capital of Kerala, identity of Kochi City is changed to south India’s Silicon Valley. Boom in business, information technology, and tourism industries have a dramatic effect on real estate market of Kochi. More and more qualified professionals are migrating into Kakkanad area of Kochi in order to pursue their dream career. Flats at Kakkanad ( gives their residents exposure to international living standards backed by luxurious living alternatives. High demand for luxurious houses made Kakkanad flat builders design and construct posh residential apartments. Most of the young professionals in Kochi are eager to own a house near their work place and the availability of housing loans make it very easy.
Demand for high class apartments and luxurious villas in Kakkanad reached an all time high in the previous years. Kochi was known for beautiful Victorian styled bungalows and their owners are selling them to leading real estate developers. Most residential builders in Kakkanad expanded their spectrum of business operations into other south Indian cities and Middle East countries. Unique building pattern and style of Kochi based residential builders made them a hot topic of discussion among real estate circles. Builders in Kochi give an innovative face to traditional Kerala architecture in order to deliver excellent residential solutions at convenient price schemes. Apartments and deluxe flats built by prominent real estate builders in Kochi are expected to enhance the accommodation experience of its dwellers. Residential builders in Kakkanad urban area build lovely residential projects with top amenities and attractive building designs.

01-29-2014, 04:18 AM
The cost of homes in the U.S. have risen for four straight months, claims a leading index of the market. The numbers may hint at welcome growth in the real estate industry (, even as the job industry remains flat line.

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