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01-29-2014, 07:05 AM
The ordeal continues..I will probably make this a separate thread but I'm looking for some advice with regards to dealers in NYC. I had the worst dealership experience at LIFE QUALITY BMW in Brooklyn. I will probably go to BBB also. After getting the call about my battery being depleted and they blamed me saying that my side lights/hazards had been on for 4:45 about a thousand miles ago and apparently in all that driving since then my car had been unable to recharge the battery. Speaking to the service advisor, Luis, is like speaking to a bag of rocks. Not only should the car be able to recharge my battery but if it has not it indicates either a defective battery or a defective charging system in my view. I also brought the car in because I had an issue with my climate control system blower motor not working when we had the cold snap the last few weeks. It worked on the max defrost setting but the blower motor would not come on otherwise while driving. The technician and SA said that this was caused by my low battery. I tried to calmly explain that the car was on and hence was being powered by the alternator and thus the battery should not be involved, and furthermore the max defrost setting probably pulled the most load so if the battery was at fault it especially should not have worked then either. This was met with the bag of rocks blank stare. In this whole episode my car had not had any problem starting, or using any accessories but i just got the battery discharge warning. So yesterday evening i pick up the car. The car had not been washed. I had asked them to put my registration sticker on the window and left in on the dash,the sticker was at the same place i left it. I then had to pay for the diagnostic fee and I drove my car about 15 miles to pick up some items at my in-laws and I turn off the car and it goes completely DEAD! It did not have enough juice in the battery to even start it back. I tried to jump it for a bout 30 minutes and it still did not start. So not only did Life Quality not service my car but the EFFED it up even more. MY car is in worse shape than when i brought it there. I'm seriously entertaining calling my CC company to stop the charge for this service and I will be lodging complaints to pretty much anyone i can find. I'm simply OUTRAGED. Never again. So , all of that to say I'm going to call BMW assist and I need a good recommendation on a SA and a good dealership here in the NYC metro area. I simply refuse to bring my car back to LIFE QUALITY ever again. I also ended up calling BMWUSA after the initial SA call yesterday and their reaction was that they think its my fault as well and not covered under the warranty and as a courtesy to try and help me thye could drop the price of the battery from $844 dollars to $650 dollars. I explained to them that i thought that was unacceptable and if it comes to it I will be suing. THe response was classic, " Well sir, if you decide to pursue legal action we wont be able to talk to you" to which i responded , this conversation is really helping or contributing anything to my predicament so Im hard pressed to see how you guys not talking to me would be any different really. Thanks for listening through the rant. So NYC metro area SA and dealer recommendation is really appreciated.


01-29-2014, 07:04 PM
Sorry abt your experience. I've had good service from Rallye in Westbury. I can't help about the electrical,problem. I assume your car is more than 4 years old. That's about all you can expect from a battery. My 08 E61 needed a battery even though it started. The tipoff was it kept losing the time and date. So it may be your battery was dying. Also with lights on and things line AC going an old battery may not be charging well. That doesn't excuse the bad service but don't rule out the need for a battery.

08-26-2014, 11:40 PM
1. BMW do design and make very good cars

2. BMW $tealer Networks just want your money. They really do not want to help you (but as you have found out I don't need to tell you this)

3. Shlt happens that is outside the box and caring of The World

4. Look at the wiring loom going to the switch latch in the trunk lid, there may be a "South African factory short circuit" through the wire insulation and the trunk lid's electrically grounded metal. Tape it up, like I did on one of my South African manufactured E90 320i and all of your "battery", "comfort access" and "entertainment system" "problems" will hopefully go away like mine did. And I found the fault and solution all by myself, luckly my Independent Mechanic didn't charge me a cent for the system scanning and his time looking into it.

5. BMW cannot help you

6. If you can't fix it buy a new one (BMW perferred) and hopefully enjoy again

7. Getting angry helps you in the short term but BMW is just too happy a successful company to really care about you.

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