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03-27-2014, 06:35 AM
The most complicated part of a car is its transmission making it most bank breaking too when comes to repairs. Although time and constant use wears off every machinery but taking precautions and proper maintenance can certainly delay the untimely damages. Some of the safety measures recommended by the expert transmission repair shop Transmission Experts and More of Columbus, Georgia are:

Get your car checked by an expert mechanic every month to predict any damage that may come up, take care of it and save expenses

Check and change the filters and fluids of your car on a regular basis

Check transmission fluid level using dipstick. A frequent loss is a sign of fluid leakage that needs immediate fix

Install auxiliary cooler to release excess heat from transmission fluid

Keep car engine tuned to avoid extra stress on transmissions (

Avoid reckless driving and carrying extreme loads

Use manufacturer recommended fluids and follow user manual instructions strictly

Notice the unusual noises from your car which may imply damage and a need for repair

Keep brakes down while shifting from Parking

Get your cars serviced only from authorized and expert transmission repair shops for certified mechanics, genuine components and long lasting repairs.

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