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11-16-2014, 12:17 PM
I have 2008 Bentley Continental Flying Spur which had done approximately 26.000 miles and I have a recurring batter fault with it.
I must firstly stress that the car does not get used regularly and I appreciate that this could be the cause of the problem.
When it is left for a long time (I month +) I connect the battery up to a battery maintainer and keep it on trickle charge.
So, the problem:
The key will not start the car, the immobilizer fault light comes on and I see the battery very low 12.4 volt.
If I put the battery on Charge for 4or 5 hours it will start ok.
I left it for one day the car started ok and I was able to move it. However, as I leave the car I can hear what sounds like a buzzing noise. When I return later I see the red LED flashing on the passenger’s door and if I open the door and close the LED go’s out.
When left over night I find the battery is flat in the morning and the key gets locked in the ignition barrel and because the main battery is so flat it will not trip the relay to engage the second auxiliary battery which would enable me to start the car.
I have now put the battery on charge again via the under bonnet terminals.
This happened about 2 years ago and I took it to a Bentley main dealer who could not find any faults or what was draining the battery so this has been an ongoing problem.
If I book it in to a Bentley service agent and ask them to put it on their diagnostic machine what faults are likely to be found – it this a common fault with this car?
If this is not a common or generic fault with this car does anyone have any ideas or suggestions as to the cause and/or a solution?
Is there a fault or is the whole problem just due to lack of use?

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