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12-08-2014, 05:39 PM
My trusty E34 got totaled some lame guy hit it while parked so I'm out for a replacement to my loyal 5er

I did a Euro-delivery and I'm thinking of doing the same I went to the dealer but the salesguys seem to be clueless about the internals of the cars don't even know the E-xx denomination of the cars. I'm a stick only guy(I know the paddle is faster but I want to drive it) so the M5 has some sort of a dual clutch, what is the story when you choose a stick for that I seem to have read somewhere that it wouldn't be a good idea since that was designed to the paddle thingie???? So I'm starting the research for this I hope you guys can get me some good advice if it is a waste I'd get just a 5-er with the M-kit and save a bit.

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