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01-23-2017, 04:03 AM
Just purchased car and it won't start. Put good battery in and it noted code P0116-Coolant Temp Circuit Range/Performance Problems. The scanner also noted the DME detected short circuit wiring in the ECT.1. CHT Sensor is out of calibration or it has failed.2. ECT Sensor is out of calibration or it has failed.I am not sure if car not starting is related to this code or not. I posted this previously but not sure if I stated everything that I needed to. I am not sure if car got hot and that is what caused problem, so I checked motor oil and did not find milky oil. Checked radiator reservoir and can't see any fluid. Should I drain to see if there is any antifreeze in system and if so what is best way to do this without draining entire system? Maybe removing one of the radiator hoses? Please help before I am stuck with worthless car as they are buying a car from me in exchange. By the way I am not a mechanic but I can do a lot of things as long as not to difficult and/or require special tools. Thanks Bobby

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