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Dave K
10-21-1998, 07:52 AM
I have been looking at the 98 328's and I see that there is a navigation system option on this car.<br>Has anyone owned, one of these system and how well do they work?

10-21-1998, 01:33 PM
This is a brand new option of the new 3's. I don't think anybody can tell you anything here. Please try the 5 series message board and try asking your question there. I think some 5's or 7's have them now and some of the owners there can tell you more. I could be wrong, but up until this year, no 3 series or M3 owners had navigation systems in them. <p>The link to the 5 series forum is on top of this page.

10-21-1998, 01:54 PM
Follow the link to and there you'll find that it is offered for the E36 M3s. <br> I was actually also considering it, but hesitated because I wasn't sure how well it worked. <br> Maybe the 5 series board will have some good input? <br> Good Luck.

Martin Quartermass
10-22-1998, 03:49 PM
<i>The Nav system looks like it displaces some of the stereo controls, and perhaps the air. Has anyone seen how this works?<br></i>

Henry T.
10-22-1998, 05:25 PM
It replaces the in-dash CD only. If you want cassette, no problem and nothing else gets replaced. Everything will be run from the control face of the navigation system (a/c, etc.). I think the car looks cleaner without this system. If you want the in-dash CD player, your option for naviation system is out.<p>Henry Tyler

10-22-1998, 07:29 PM
Its a shame they designed it that way. Personally, I havnt used a tape player in about 8 years and have absolutely no use for it. Ive had an in-dash CD player a long time and the thought of having to go to the trunk to change a cd sounds like a pain. It seems to me they could have moved the radio down below and moved climate control to the left for factory GPS. As popular as in-dash CD players are over here Im surprised BMW didnt think of a work around. <br>

Martin Quartermass
10-23-1998, 11:53 AM
I ordered my 328 with the Nav system, but I hope it doesn't make the stereo and air more difficult to use. I heard the cell phone integrates with the Nav system as well.

10-23-1998, 12:17 PM
When is yours supposed to arrive? I'd like to hear from someone who has had personal experience using it. I have to decide if I want to trade off in-dash CD for it.

Martin Quartermass
10-23-1998, 12:34 PM
Mine is scheduled to be built in November for a December deleivery. I ordered the Nav system with Harmondon Kardon, and plan to get a CD Changer for the trunk.

10-23-1998, 12:51 PM
Thats great. I plan on ordering either late nov or early dec. I'd like to get the nav system but i've always been used to an in-dash CD and have no use at all for tapes. Thats the only thing that really pisses me off about the E46, otherwise I think it's awesome. Let us know how the nav is when you get yours.

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