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10-21-1998, 09:11 AM
that BMW is partnered with? Would appreciate any and all info....thanks!

10-21-1998, 04:43 PM
I contacted TIG several months ago for a comparison on my '97 M3. It was several days before anyone returned my call, and then another week or so before I heard back with a rate quote. And the quote was virtually the same as State Farm. Not an impressive experience. <br>

10-21-1998, 05:29 PM
I called for a quote a few weeks before taking delivery of a new 323i. I was told that the "specialist" for my state (Minnesota) was tied up and if I left my number, he'd call me back. Left my number, never received a call.<p>Called again, this time spoke to a person who could quote me. The quote was competitive, (would save me about $200/yr over Travelers which I now have) but they could not quote me a no-deductible glass, and the lowest comp deductible was $250. I have a $100 deductible comp with no deductible on glass.<p>Figured that a known company, plus a local agent, plus the exact coverage I wanted, were worth $200 so I didn't switch. One glass claim would wipe out the savings.<p>Not overly impressed with "production-line" insurance such as GEICO (they quoted higher than my present coverage) and TIG. The $200 "savings" with TIG was about 18%. GEICO was about $200 higher than Travelers.

10-21-1998, 07:56 PM
I was fortunate enough to get thru and actually get a quote (which was competitive), but if some folks can't even get a call returned, then you have to wonder how good the service would be if you had a claim.<p><br><

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