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10-21-1998, 04:33 PM
I live in minnesota, and I am worried that I am screwing myself by buying 328 over a4 quattro. Tell me the 328 with snows will good in the snow???

10-21-1998, 09:59 PM
With good snow tires and common sense, you can drive almost anything on snow/ice. And you'll stop/corner better than a 4wd without snow tires.<p>Living in the snowbelt for years, I've noticed that if the roads are bad enough to need 4wd, and you're headed to/from somewhere popular (i.e. ski area), there are so many 2wds stuck on the road that you're not going anywhere. Well, not unless you have a giant V-plow or ramming device attached to the front of your vehicle!<p>My $0.02...<p>AJL<br>98 Passat, fwd, Nokian NRWs ready for snow<p>

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