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10-23-1998, 02:52 PM
Being I think the youngest owner of a 98 M3 blk/blk 4 door car, I had a amazing race with a silver m roadster. This guy was a pretty old guy, I am talking late 57's. So I said what the heck, I pulled next to him on a red light and he started ramming his engine. I was pretty shocked, you know a old guy wanting to race. We both smiled at each other. I was pretty nervous because i never race a m roadster. This guy good me pretty dam bad off the light(my car has only 435 miles on it)and by the way we are on the feeder of a highway. But I pulled him next to him between 3rd and 4th and we stayed together the whole time. In conclusion, here u got a 4 door sedan hanging with a m roadster. I was pretty god dam suprised u know what I mean. So i think every m 3 owner should be proud of their car and how it handles. I think I am gonna have to race my dad's 996.<p><br>to be continued<p>i should have pics posted of my car and my dad cars in a few day will put them on bb

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