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Brad D
10-25-1998, 01:29 AM
There has been a lot of bickering here about the order codes for the 3-spoke sport steering wheel on the new E46, etc. Just to settle the issue of the codes once and for all, here are the order codes that BMW prints in their pricelist that they give to customers in GERMANY. So that there is no confusion, this info is from the document titled:<br>"Die neue BMW 3er Limousine.<br>Die Preisliste.<br>Stand: April 1998."<p>-The leather airbag steering wheel, with no multifunction buttons, is code (240).<p>-The leather Multifunction steering wheel (like the base wheel in the 528i in the US) is (540).<p>-The leather Sport-III airbag steering wheel is (255). (This is just like the US 328i Sport Package wheel, but without the buttons.)<p>-The leather Sport Multifunction wheel is (256). (This is the wheel that the US 328i Sport Package is getting.)<p>Note that the above steering wheels are for E46 purchased in Germany. These codes are the same for all E46 - that includes 318i, 320d, 320i, 323i, and 328i. The 328i comes standard with (240). The other cars don't even get that one as standard (I don't know what they DO get as standard, but it's none of the above mentioned wheels. Either they don't get an airbag, or, more likely, it just not a leather wheel).<p>Note that in Germany there are no "packages" like the Sport or Premium packages in the US.<p>This info sheds no light on what BMW allows on the US spec cars, and how packages interfere with the choices. But, physically, any of the above steering wheels can be put on any E46, from the factory.<p>OK, so that was "All you never wanted to know about E46 steering wheels and were afraid to ask..."<p>Brad D<br>

Alex B.
10-25-1998, 01:41 PM
I am sure you are correct about any one the the above steering wheels being able to be put on any 323i or 328i in the cars headed for US. This information below applies to US bound 323i and 328i:<p>#540 - standard on 328i, optional on the 323i base and standard on the 323i premium package<p>#256 - standard on both sport packages of 323i and 328i, but not available from the factory as a separate stand alone option from your dealer for US cars.<p>#240 - only on base 323i.<p>#255 - not available here in US.<p>This is the information I have on the availability of these steering wheels in US bound E46's. If anyone else has more information, please post it for everybody.<p>Sincerely,<p>Alex B.<p>

Brad D
10-26-1998, 04:05 PM
<i>: I am sure you are correct about any one the the above steering wheels being able to be put on any 323i or 328i in the cars headed for US<br></i><p>Actually, I'm NOT sure about the availability to get any of those wheels in the US. What I meant to say is that the factory DOES allow any of those wheels on any E46, for Germany anyway. What BMW NA lets us get in the US is a different matter altogether...<p>Note that the "M-Sport" wheel, which is showing up in '99 5-series and 7-series Sport Packages in the US, was NOT available on the E46 in Germany, at least as of April 1998.<p>Brad D

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