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David Singh
10-25-1998, 11:29 PM
Does anyone know the status of the M aero package? One dealer said that it has been discontinued another said that they will start building them in January.<p>Thanks for the help.

Alex B.
10-26-1998, 01:07 AM
I have two stories and I do not know which one to believe. My own dealer sent me a faxed memo from BMW that was sent to them by BMWNA that states that the M-aero package was discontinued after all September and some October production cars were made. This memo also states that until further notice, no more M packages will be built until the next model year 2K.<p>The other day I called another dealer to see if anyone had received a Sport 323i. Apparently, in the LA/OC area, nobody has them yet and I also asked this dealer about the M-package availa-<br>bility. He stated that starting Dec. or Jan., they will be built again on 99 model cars. Who do you belive David? I more inclined to believe the memo (I have a copy of this memo, I can fax it to you if you give me your fax #) and not so much the other dealer I called. My own dealer thinks the memo is pretty much on the dot. <p>It looks like (my guess David) that it is cancelled indefinitely until the model year 2K when the 2K 3 series come out in the summer (coupe debuts in summer of 99 as a 2K model). I am sorry I can not answer your inquiery any better but this. If I were a betting man, I would bet on the cancellation for the rest of the year instead of postponment until end of the year. The reason for cancellation in the memo is availability from the suppliers of the M-aero package parts.<p>Alex B.<p>My $0.02 + sales tax, license fee, registration, plate fee, document fee, extended warranty, high interest rates, clearcoating protection, floormats, mudguards, and of course, national dealer advertising fee (a la BMW).<p>

Ryan G.
10-26-1998, 01:38 AM
I am not sure though. It is not in stone as of this day.<p>Ryan G.

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