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Orient Blue E46 for Chris
10-26-1998, 09:49 PM
<br>I posted this down below, and realize that it's rolling<br>off the top of my page, so I thought I'd post it here<br>too:<p>Chris Hsu asked for pix of the E46 in Orient Blue -- I've<br>posted some at my E46 web site, courtesy of a fellow I<br>met on the newsgroup.<p><p>jeff
10-26-1998, 10:06 PM
<br>Well, I sure screwed up the title, eh? Anyways,<br>I also wanted to note that AlexB is dead on - <br>as evidenced by the pictures, Orient Blue looks <br>nearly black except when hit straight on by strong<br>light, where it glows a wonderful metalic blue.<p><i><p>:<p>: jeff<p></i>

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