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10-29-1998, 11:23 PM
About two or three weeks ago, my '98 323is starting making a clunking noise coming from the engine compartment. The clunk occurs steadily, about once every three or four seconds and seems to be getting louder. I took the car into the dealer yesterday and left it for a couple of days. (Interestingly, the loaner the dealer gave me made the same noise.) The dealer says the noise is coming from the "running loss solenoid" which apparently is some sort of valve that has something to do with pumping the fuel. The dealer also says that the noise is common in newer 3 series, although noone knew what I was talking about when I brought the car in. Has anyone else had this problem? Is it truly common or should I talk to another service department? Does the dealer's explanation make sense? Is there really no way to fix or insulate the noise? It's not all that loud, but once you notice the constant clunking, it gets incrediably annoying. Thanks in advance for any thoughts.

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