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11-01-1998, 12:27 PM
<br>The best way is probably see if you can ever place an E30<br>M3 right next to and E36 or E46 bright red. I know, not<br>very easy. (-:<p>I don't have any photos offhand, though. Sorry. If I run<br>accross some, I'll be sure to post them, though.<br> <br><i><br>I thought the E46's red was the same as arrest-me-red. Do you have any pics that show what real arrest-me-red is and how it differs from<br>the E46 Bright Red?<p>When I was at the Dealer* last month they had a bright red E46 323i 5sp premium (w/o sport) in the showroom. I examined it for a long<br>time, sat in it, looked at the engine, et cetera. At least in those conditions (indoors but near a big window), I really liked the color. I've<br>seen other cars in slightly darker "colder" reds (like some Mustangs) and I didn't think that looked as good. And I especially think that<br>metallic reds look bad, kind of like sandpaper... <br> </i>

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