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Tom M.
10-03-1999, 01:29 AM
It's now official!! I am a proud owner of a '76 3.0si. I just returned this evening from a 18 hr. 1020 mile trip from the midwest in this car. It ran great!! It has 130k, with a rebuilt engine and tranny. I ran 80 -90 mph across Kansas and Missouri without a problem. The car purred along like a kitten, even at 90, and then took off if on command to pass.<br>I got stuck in a toll plaza foul-up in Kansas City for almost an hour waiting in traffic. All I could think of was all the posts I read last week concerning overheating and weak cooling systems. I checked coolant all along way and all seemed well.<br>The only problem I have with the car is that the sunroof does not close all the way and latch up tight. I have to look at it tommorrow and was wondering if there are any articles posted on repairing the sunroof. I have a zipper across the front and have not opened it up yet. The mechanic said the motor and switch was OK but the track needed replacing.<br>Does this sound right on these cars??<br>Point me in the right direction guys!!<br>Thanks in advance,<br>Tom in PA

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