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11-21-1999, 08:50 PM
<hr><br><p>Top of the line Clifford 8000, the newest digital series from Clifford, the G4. I am selling the alarm due to taking delivery of my new 328Ci this week. I had the G4 alarm in my current 328i for the last 3-4 months and just had it removed this weekend. The 8000 is loaded with standard features that are considered pay options for many other alarm systems. I paid $499 for the alarm installed, I also bought the auto starter(another $130) but never had it installed on this unit.</P><p><p>Just to list a few of the features I had active, when arming the system the: doors locked, windows rolled up(if you have a convertible you can have the power top close!) sunroof closed, trunk and hood locked, parking lights flashed, siren chirped. When the system is activated the Dual-Zone Proximity Sensors are turned on. One scanning the exterior of the vehicle, the other scanning the interior of the vehicle. If someone is hanging around the car, looking in the windows or leaning on the car. The system will give them a warning tone letting them know the vehicle is protected or they are to close. If you chose to leave the windows down, roof open or top down when you arm the system and someone reaches into any of the openings of the vehicle, the alarm is triggered instantly! That is just some of the features the alarm has. To get full details on the G4 8000 go to <A HREF="">Clifford's webpage</A> and pick the 8000!</P?<p><p>I would like to sell the system ASAP! I paid over $600 for the complete system, <b>but only asking for $300!</b> I will pay for shipping to anywhere in the US and <b>also include the auto starter option for free!</b> Please check out <A HREF="">Clifford's webpage</A> to get more information on the alarm or <A HREF=""><B>Email me</B></A> with any questions. And again, I would like to sell this ASAP, please contact me if interested! Thanks....Kev</p><br><hr><br>

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