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Toby Potvin
06-15-2000, 06:45 PM
I have a 74 european model 3.0cs that I'am unfortunatley selling. First Let's list the problems: Paint's been changed over to a bright red from the light metallic blue it originally was. Has bondo in various places:roof,hood,I think the right lower fender. Gas tank is leaking into the trunk. Interior is 99% complete but worn out. Engine runs but is in need of some zenith carb work. Also the number two intake valve is sticking open.<br>Now on the plus side. This is the rarest of the rare with a metric speedo, non dot tailights, 3 out of four headlights are non dot e1 hellas, has 14inch bbs mesh wheels with super deep look. has factory chrome fenderflares, relatively new tires, good brakes, good suspension, factory electric sunroof. no a.c. I'm asking a very low price for this vehicle to facilitate a quick sale. $3300 or best offer. I drove this car from Santa Cruz CA to Flagstaff Arizona. This is where the car is right now. I can be reached at or by phone 602-617-2160 (cell)

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