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07-26-2000, 05:37 PM
Several of us (mostly from the E46 board) are throwing together a BMW rally and picnic on Saturday, August 26. The location is scheduled to be one of the parking lots on the campus of Rutgers University, in central New Jersey. More details will follow, and the location might change, based on expected turnout, as well as the number and size of the various exhibitors and booths we expect.<p>This event is not affiliated with any organization. However, we have agreed on a few basic principles:<p>1. Bring your own food.<p>2. NO ALCOHOL. This is about cars, arriving in cars, playing with cars, and driving cars. It is a car show, not a tailgate party. We don't even want to go anywhere NEAR the topic of drinking and driving. There are also Rutgers rules to contend with, which we don’t want to bother investigating….<p>3. You don’t have to have a BMW to attend (so all you lurkers on the boards who have ordered cars, but don’t have them yet, should feel free to drop by and satisfy your bimmerjones).<p>Nothing is set in stone, but so far it looks like at least one dealership and a couple of aftermarket shops plan to send someone with demos, or samples, or information, or otherwise exhibit something. We’re working to get as many participants as possible. Obviously, the more headcount we can show, the easier it is to get businesses involved.<p>If you think you’re going to attend, please drop us an email at<p><p>Tell us who you are, where you’ll be coming from, and what sort of BMW you’ll be driving (if you have one). We won’t reply (we’ll use the boards), but email RSVP will simplify the planning process.<p>Hope to see everyone there! Much more information, and greater detail, will follow in the coming weeks.<br>

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