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01-05-1999, 03:06 AM
I own a 1987 325 is, and was pissed that the only turn signals made for the car that are clear the front, i decided to make my own, go to pergament or a local hard ware store, and buy a sheet of plexi glass used for ceiling lights, they are slightly reflective and look like turn signal plastic, cut the fron signals using the stock yellow ones as a stencil, drill the holes with a heated exacto blade, install, and enjoy. As for the parking lightsd located in the sides of each bumper molding, use the same material, cutr the pieces to size using the actual light as a stencil, then carefully crack away the old yellow\ red lenses and hot glue, or epoxy the new clear lenses into place. The actual cutting of the lenses is not easy since the plastic is very brittle, but the sheeets are very big, and they only cost 1.99, ea. Keep trying and they will look better than ever, some one let me know if they try it, drop me an e-mail if you have any further ?'s

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