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01-16-1999, 06:25 PM
Hey guys I don't know if any of you are involved in radio control car racing but I am getting out of R/C and I got about $3,500 worth of top quality stuff including a B3 with almost every hop-up made,aLRP IPC V6 a Victor Super IQ2 charger some awsome motors and batteries and a bunch more. I have been in R/C racig for about 7 years now and I got all top of the line stuff. i would be interested in trading it for really good Car Audio stuff like ECLIPSE, ALPINE, FOSGATE or anything like that just let me know what you have ! Also I would be interested in trading for any type of parts for a 1986 325E especially sport seats or any performance stuff. Please e-mail me at:<p>Dustin<br>1986 BMW 325E (BORBET,JC,K&N)<br>1972 OPEL GT<br>

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