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01-20-1999, 12:17 AM
i have some parts for sale from a 84 318 and 88 325e<br>84 318:<br>(2) five speed trans<br>left front fender<br>restorable hood<br>set of alloy wheels<br>final drive <br>driveshaft<br>blower motor<br>front and rear bumper<br>other small misc parts<p>88 325e:<br>Bavarian Autosport hi-perf ign. wires with sensor (10k) <br>Crankshaft<br>intake manifold<br>ign cap and rotor ( 10k)<br>Bosal 325i muffler ( twin tips) 500mi<br>alt, starter, auto flywheel<br>power steering pump<br>brake booster<p>

Gary Wills
01-26-1999, 05:40 PM
Hey Bro,<br> I need a passanger side mirror off of your car w/ the inside black trim piece. If it's still avalible please let me know TIA..<br> Gary<br> (714) 892-4752<br><i>: i have some parts for sale from a 84 318 and 88 325e<br>: 84 318:<br>: (2) five speed trans<br>: left front fender<br>: restorable hood<br>: set of alloy wheels<br>: final drive <br>: driveshaft<br>: blower motor<br>: front and rear bumper<br>: other small misc parts<p>: 88 325e:<br>: Bavarian Autosport hi-perf ign. wires with sensor (10k) <br>: Crankshaft<br>: intake manifold<br>: ign cap and rotor ( 10k)<br>: Bosal 325i muffler ( twin tips) 500mi<br>: alt, starter, auto flywheel<br>: power steering pump<br>: brake booster<p></i>

Caleb Bay
02-04-1999, 08:44 PM
What about the 318i hood? restorable? what does this mean? and how much do you want for it?<br>

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