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Damien Whaley
01-24-1999, 04:40 PM
Hi,<br>I was driving an 1990 325i while shopping for a used car. I did notice a weird trait with the automatic transmission, when I put the car in drive from neutral, I felt the whole body lunge back and down. It didnt make any weird sounds, but is this normal? Or will I need a new transmission in the near future?

01-24-1999, 07:25 PM
As long as the idle speed was correct and not over 1000rpm I'd say this is normal for a tight/good transmission. My 735i does exactly the same thing but my wifes older,weaker 528e won't do this or creep ahead in "Drive" with the brakes off. Look for 2 things to "feel" on a test drive with a BMW from that vintage. Does each gear shift smoothly,timely[no delay] and does it work in reverse when the engine/trans are cold right away or is there a 3-4 second delay before reverse engages. Hope this helps

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