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01-25-1999, 05:00 PM
What's difference between an E30, E36 and E46 320 series?

01-25-1999, 08:43 PM
E-30 320 had a 2 liter version of the M-20 engine that we know as the 2.5/2.7 . From what the UK people are telling me the 320/520 is just a 2 liter version of the 24valve M-50 engine. i guess the E-46 has followed with another 2 liter offering of the newer M-52 alloy block engine. I'm told that the UK version didn't have liners like we got and that they're losing blocks from high sulfer gas that was sent from Venezl. refineries like our V-8s. Apparently the warranty to get a new engine is like jumping thru hoops since you have to have had almost every single work job done by a BMW dealer to even be considered for replacement.

01-29-1999, 08:03 AM
<i>: What's difference between an E30, E36 and E46 320 series?<p></i>The E30 is the 1987-91 body style, the E36 is the 1992-98 body style, and the E46 is the new 1999- body a nutshell.

01-29-1999, 11:21 PM
The E-30s came to the US in '84 with the 325e & 318i models. Technically there were some 318s that were '83 production so I guess that counts. You can't start the life of the E-30 with the I models without making all those early 325e owners mad who bought into the first batch way back when.

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