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01-27-1999, 11:42 AM
Philips Bluevision Halogen Headlight Capsules for your BMW.<br>Metallic Ceramic Blue coating results in an ultrawhite/blue <br>output. Specifically designed to improve road marking and roadsign<br>illumination via stimulation of reflective materials.<br>Prices are $39.95/pair for #9006 and #9005 capsules,<br>$59.95/pair for #H7 capsules, and $39.95/pair for #H1 and #H3 capsules.<br>Add $3.00 for 3-day shipping. <br>For more info on Bluevision visit the following link at the Philips website:<br><br>To place your credit card order Call AutoOptiks at 1-888-528-8658<br>Order lines open until 11pm EST. Or, to place your online order<br>visit

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