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02-02-1999, 02:56 PM
Consumer Reports cites the 1991 325i as a car to avoid in there "Used Car to Avoid" issue. Very unreliable.<p>Is there a good year for E30s? Are all plague with idling problems and carb deposit build ups? Should I just opt for a next generation 325 up e.g., 1995???<p>I like them both but would perfer to place my money on a car that will not breakdown or visit the mechanic regularly unless of normal service (oil/tune ups etc).<p>Serious replies. If the mileage on the cars were the same and the car was treated uniformly what would be the mechanically sound vehicle?<p>Thanks<p>Ken <br>

02-02-1999, 03:23 PM
as well as an eta versus "i" question.<p>Geez! You want to know straight up which is more reliable regardless of power, feel, engine design?<p>I have only owned an eta car and can only tell you that the engine is pretty bullet proof compared to other cars I have had (non BMWs). <p>I think you need a person that has owned an eta, "i", as well as 1992+ 325 car (twin cam) to best answer this question.<p>Good luck,<p>Ino<p><br>

02-02-1999, 10:22 PM
Its silver, red leather, a 1990 stick with 2 doors. 88,89 years would be the same puppy. It is parked in a garage and has service records that would make a Phd gag on the verbosity. It has just been waxed. The body is flawless. I get in, the seat is already adjusted, and start it, purrs. The <br>water temp is up and away I go with a bit of squeal at the rear rubber. <p>Will<p><br>

Damien Whaley
02-03-1999, 12:05 AM
Ive looked at 4 different e30 model cars (Mid 80s to early 90s), ranging in mileage from 48k to 150k. None had a smooth idle, and all had a significant history of reliability problems (Mostly electrical). <br>Buy a Honda if you want reliability =)<br>

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