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02-04-1999, 03:45 PM
I would like to put a performance muffler on my 325ES which won't simply be obnoxious. We all know that sound doesn't necessarily been power. Has anyone run across some posts comparing different mufflers?<p>I'd love to change to a 325IS manifold back system (I've heard it's much freer than the ES), does anyone know of a good salvage yard to order from? (kinda pricey new, the cat and all)<p>Thanks<br>Kurt

02-04-1999, 04:00 PM
power. You need to do something with the intake to feel anything but even then don't expect big differences.<p>I would wait until your exhaust goes out (usually last about 100K) and then I would encourage ANSA as the cheapest alternative to easy your thoughts. With the resonator you are looking at about $175.<p>Personally on such a beautiful car I would suggest Supersprint. You pay twice (ouch) as much but the quality is a bit better and you have the satisfaction of knowning that you went all out.<p>You'll see and hear the difference for sure. No nothing too loud just decently racey at higher RPMs.<p>About "feeling" well that might be another issue. Expect 1-2 hps at best. Very very little returns.<p>good luck,<p>Ino<p>

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